Supercharge performance by focusing on wellbeing and engagement

Our mobile app and platform help businesses to become more connected, engaged and motivated.

We help busy employees connect with and work on their goals and wellbeing together.

Accelerate learning and performance with shoogle pulse™️ and engagement data. 
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We're listening.

"You miss your mate Holly who you used to sit next to"

"...'it takes a bit of a toll' on you emotionally and psychologically because you don't get to have those offload conversations"

"...the general isolation"

We can help bring you together


Step 1. Empower your employees. Encourage them to create or join shoogles.

Step 2. Promote and encourage communication and collaboration.

Step 3. Help them to grow and develop.

We understand that we're all very different and our needs and solutions might not be the same. Our super-flexible solution creates an environment for personal and community growth.
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shoogle pulse™️

Take a regular pulse to measure employee wellbeing, motivation, and engagement.
1-second. Done.
Combine shoogle pulse™️ with shoogle engagement data to find patterns in employee wellbeing and goals. This eliminates the need for surveys. See the gaps and re-prioritise. You can segment by the department and create your interventions. This data can feed into your wellbeing strategies and programs. Accelerate learning and performance with deep insights.

shoogle analytics in real time

What is happening in your organisation?
  • Capture the mood of your department and organisation
  • Compare pulse and shoogle engagement
  • Run experiments using real data
  • Promote and measure

Health and Wellbeing

shoogle is for everyone.