Supercharge your wellbeing & performance

We help busy employees connect with and work on their wellbeing and each other using our mobile app.

shoogles are employee goals and unmet needs. You can create your own shoogle, join up with a buddy or be part of a shoogle community - the choice is yours, whatever you need to drive you forward. 

Our shoogle pulse™️ gives employers a simple tool to measure changes in employee wellness and motivation which can be used to accelerate learning and performance.


Create meaningful goals and unmet needs

Join any shoogle that you can relate to

Set reminders to work on your shoogle


Check in with your own shoogles. Track progress.

Keep in touch with our advanced messaging

Notification timelines & feeds


Find a likeminded shoogler and buddy up

Send buddy requests and get accepted

Message, motivate and achieve together


Give encouragement to fellow shooglers

Peer to peer rewards

Improve your ranking based on engagement

Create happy, thriving communities inside your organisation

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shoogle pulse™️

Created to give employers the opportunity to take a regular pulse to enable them to measure employee wellbeing, motivation and engagement.

We can provide companies with powerful, bottom up data that can be used to find patterns in employee wellbeing and goals. This empirically derived employee led data will provide near real time data to feed into your wellbeing strategies and programs as well as giving insights that can be used to accelerate learning and performance.

Health and Wellbeing

shoogle is for everyone.