shoogle is your communications, well-being and engagement HQ.

A solution for your employees and your business. Communications, listening, personalised well-being and engagement are all in one place.

"Only one in six people feel highly connected"

Healthy organisations need innovative solutions. 

The key to health, well-being and engagement in shoogle is through 'shoogles'. These are your topics, channels, goals and unmet needs. With all the people, messages and documents in one place, you can affect change much faster.

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"Only one in four report leaders are responsive to their needs, communicate regularly and feel their team members are treated equally."

Goals, channels, well-being and self-care on your own terms. No more cookie cutter solutions. 

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A safe space where you can create and join communities for the like-minded at work.

Achieve your goals together.

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shoogle has flexibility built-in by design. In our research, we discovered that much of our well-being is subjective and we all talk about our needs and goals differently. Our mobile app empowers employees to engage in their well-being their way and we encourage them by offering a way to meaningfully connect. Social is at the heart of our proposition. 

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Employee well-being pulse.

Whomever you ask, people have had enough of surveys. Organisations elicit detailed information, some respond to the data and others simply do nothing. Who benefits? Our well-being pulse takes 1 second. Literally. It gives leaders just enough information to get a sense of how people are without being invasive or wasting time.

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Helping individuals, teams and the wider organisation.

A really big challenge organisations have is how they affect change at scale. shoogle has been designed to support leaders and change-makers drive strategy with real-time data and test out their hypotheses inside shoogles eco-system. See change emerge inside shoogle without too much intervention. 

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On-boarding your entire company takes minutes

Connect your people to the right tools and information so they can thrive.

shoogle is the perfect communications tool that can meet all your needs. Announcements, all hands, updates, you are in control.


Create and join shoogles to collaborate on any topic you like. Share documents, video, audio. Whatever you want!

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Employee driven well-being and self-care. Jump in, and enjoy communities for the like-minded. Healthy employees, healthy business.


Surveys are a thing of the past. Why not interact with communities instead? Have a look around, see what everyone is doing, cares about and steer the conversation.

Our solutions


Wellbeing engagement


Onboard and activate new employees while re-engaging current ones with shoogle's community mobile app.




Convert more of your employees into healthy, high performing rock stars using deep insights via our platform.




Use our extensive knowledge and experience to grow into something special.

Technology accelerates human connection—helping people share, learn, collaborate and turn data into insight. Yet, it's predominantly for productivity. Gabor Mate tells us we are "more wired and less connected" and we agree with this. shoogle is a revolutionary idea to bring people back together, meaningfully. It is the missing component to your success in today's world.


Organisations in which people feel highly connected to each other, their leaders and their work, stand to gain a 7.4% revenue growth boost per year.

 - Accenture