Motivation through connection.

This is shoogle: The best way to connect with your employees.

A community wellbeing and engagement platform with a mobile app plus data and analytics so you can build healthy, high performing teams.

You'll love shoogle because it helps you transform your culture.

Create communities for the likeminded

Create an awesome environment for all your employees to engage in their wellbeing and self-care. 

Measure motivation and engagement

Use both qualitative and quantitative data to understand where your employees are. What are their unmet and neglected needs?

Create meaningful experiments that matter

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There is nothing worse than seeing money being wasted. Run experiments and assess the impact with shoogle. Reduce risk and cost over time.

Increase motivation

Use the power of connection to drive up motivation for wellbeing and self care. Healthy employees are productive ones.

Helping empathetic leaders

Increase belonging

Hiring and retaining talent is a real challenge. Communities for the like-minded is the best way to create a sense of belonging.

Increase awareness

Data led well-being strategies are more successful. Compare well-being pulse and real time bottom up engagement data.

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We're listening.

"You miss your mate Holly who you used to sit next to"

"...'it takes a bit of a toll' on you emotionally and psychologically because you don't get to have those offload conversations"

"...the general isolation"

We can help bring you together


Our solutions


Wellbeing engagement


Onboard and activate new employees while re-engaging current ones with shoogle's community mobile app.




Convert more of your employees into healthy, high performing rock stars using deep insights via our platform.




Use our extensive knowledge and experience to grow into something special.

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