We're on a mission to create highly engaged teams.

We've been helping individuals, teams and businesses for the last 12 years. shoogle is the perfect catalyst for transformation and change.
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only 20% engaged

"...teams with higher engagement achieve a whole host of important business outcomes, higher resiliency during tough times, and higher wellbeing." 

Gallup, 2020

Proactive prevention and thriving

Let's not wait for a crisis before we jump in and help our employees. There is a genuine lack of awareness of the different dimensions of our wellbeing. What areas are we neglecting? A sporty person may be heavily invested physically and neglect their mental and financial health. We want to go way beyond sustaining wellbeing. shoogle can help you drive it up into thriving and keep it there.

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Any business leader looking to boost engagement, motivation and wellbeing should look at shoogle seriously. It's the only software out there that is truly from the inside out. We celebrate your uniqueness.