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Buddying up

Throughout our research in creating shoogle one thing became abundantly clear, connections were really important. When we participate in activities that increase our well-being, the underlining reasons for pursuing parts of our well-being were for connection.

When we asked people 'What rewards would help you progress towards meeting your wellbeing goals?' the answers were "competition with my partner", "...sharing sweaty selfies", "treating ourselves with new clothes", "...people celebrating stuff together, like when you're in a group of friends, celebrating going for a drink". The more we analysed the data coming out of the qualitative research the more self-evident it became.

This also made us realise our yearning for connection when training and competing in sports. Our Founder was a long-distance runner for 15 years and primarily trained on his own. 

Combine the above with the empirical data through doctorate research that tells us that connection has a big impact on intrinsic motivation (see self-determination).

We decided to commit to creating a buddy section in shoogle for the following reasons and we hope you can see the usefulness and value of it.

1. Anyone who wants to work on the same goal or meet the same need can share a more intimate and private experience. You may have rapport, have other common interests and share similar experiences. This is for the likeminded.

2. You both have committed to a set plan or approach and want to share and maybe compete. 

3. You are more experienced and knowledgeable in a specific area and take on a mentoring or coaching role to help a colleague or friend.

4. Line management mentoring and coaching at work

5. Coach and mentor a group of people on a specific topic of interest, share content and help the community. Grow followers and help with their engagement.

6. Bring in external guests to help share their experiences with you.

7. Inter-company therapists can buddy up with employees and help them to transition from one state to the next

8. Executive coaching and mentoring

9. Wellbeing communications across the wider organisation

10. Onboarding new employees!

shoogle has is super flexible. It helps you create an environment for all these things to potentially take place. The possibilities are endless.

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