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Helping you change and transform for a brighter future.

Successfully coaching and mentoring individuals, teams and groups for the last twelve years. 
We've paved the way for Agile and Product in Ocado Technology. We created a successful start up inside to help them build out their Smart Platform. We helped create an amazing new business inside Investec Bank. We love what we do. 
We can help you to increase employee performance by:

1. Facilitate the co-creation and or shared understanding of the organisations reason for being (The BIG why).

2. Examine the employee experience and workspaces to align with the organisations strategy and perceived culture.

3. Map talent to value. Identifying what gets in the way and how to streamline teams so they can do their best work together.

4. Unscrew anything that is fixed and locked down. Help the organisation flex and bend to new challenges. Preparing you and your teams for whatever comes your way.

5. Establish a culture of learning. Grow a culture of curiosity with a bias to action. 

The why

Be clear and concise about the companies why and purpose. What the business does and how it runs.

How we operate

Remove old models and constructs. Flatten the hierarchy, create small cross-functional teams 7-12 in size, empowering them, allowing for local decision making. 

How we grow

The rate of learning in many organisations is too slow. Symptoms are everywhere. See large projects and programs. Prospecting for value and experimentation should be the norm. Unshackle teams to release their creativity and innovation.

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