shoogle your way to success

Communities for the likeminded

shoogles are goals, topics, channels, challenges and unmet needs. Examples might be 'Learn to Play the Piano, lose weight, onboarding new employees, run 5km, Improve your presenting skills. 

Users can create any shoogle they like and it will appear in the app. As soon as it's created it will become an open, inclusive community.

  • Name your goal, challenge, want or need

  • Set a daily, weekly, monthly reminder

  • Add a cover image for the shoogle using unsplash

  • Select a relevant wellbeing category

  • Say whether you are open to buddy requests for that specific shoogle

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shoogle create.png
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shoogles HQ

Once you or your colleagues create a shoogle they all end up here.

  • Full list of shoogles inside your organisation

  • Shoogle totals

  • Community member totals

  • Join any shoogle with one click

  • Leave shoogles whenever you like

  • Introduce yourself with a personal message

  • Navigate your way to shoogle communities

  • Search and sort

  • Customised ranking on request

Communication & collaboration

Engage with your entire company with shoogle communities.

Share your story, your habits, what is working, and what is not working. Challenge each other. Join in and have fun!

  • Message reactions just like you see with Slack, Facebook and imessage

  • Thread replies, visually grouping chats

  • URL enrichment, automatically show image, text and video previews

  • User presence, showing when users were last active and if they are currently online

  • Slash commands /giphy

  • Activity feeds (likes, comments, reactions, hashtags and mentions and a whole lot more!)

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Benefits of a buddy


Want that extra bit of support and motivation? Need that push to get you going? Want competition? Want or need a coach or mentor?

  • Search and sort for a buddy

  • Check out their profile

  • Send them a buddy request

  • Get accepted

  • Buddy messaging

  • Disconnect and find another buddy

  • One buddy per shoogle

Privacy by design.

Give and receive rewards

Peer to peer rewards for positive engagement!

  • Search a fellow shoogler's profile page

  • Scroll through a list of rewards

  • Send and received rewards

  • Improve ranking based on engagement

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iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup.png
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Gauge the mood

We don't always want or need big surveys and questions. Get fast feedback. Use this data to probe further.

  • Quick finger swipe across wellbeing dimensions

  • Record this information

  • Overlay with shoogle engagement data

  • Data at the individual level

  • Data at the shoogle community level

  • Data at the department level

  • Data at the organisation level

  • Extract meaning from the data

Personalisation on request

Analytic Events

Track events that indicate user interest. Common examples are clicks, likes, comments, shares, search queries etc.

Feeds & Follows

The follow relationships and activities give important insights into what a user is interested in and what else they might want to follow.

Data Collections

Collections allow you to store any other data that’s relevant for personalization, such as user profiles, products or categories.