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You're in luck. We've been helping businesses like yours for years. Combine shoogle with any of our services below.

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Change sprints

Group coaching and training

Professional coaching


After 12 years of consulting across online retail, government and investment banking we've got a good handle on how you can transform your organisation from a static, inflexible one to something more dynamic and adaptable. Everything we do is centred around the employee and their wellbeing.

We can offer you and your leadership teams advice, mentoring and coaching.

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Change sprints

2 weeks to 3 months. Action orientated. For those who are READY and don't mind being uncomfortable.

We help organisations transform from one state to the next through sprints. We do this because it's a great way to run experiments in a controlled fashion. Together we assess and reflect on what is working and not working and pivot.

With your support we enter your organisation and facilitate the change you seek on the ground with you. Not outside in, inside out.


We help facilitate just enough change to create the necessary muscle memory for you to lead it yourselves.

This covers 121 mentoring and coaching & team coaching with your purpose, team dynamics, process change and product/service.

Group coaching & training

Empowering through new knowledge and awareness.


We run training sessions on :

  • Learning how to learn about your employees and teams

  • Resilience

  • Affecting change from the individual to the wider business

  • Creating safe spaces at work

  • Kanban

  • Agile basics

  • Agile product development

  • Transformation and change

  • Coaching cultures

  • Create high performing teams empirically

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Professional coaching

We offer professional coaching for anyone who is going through or looking to change.

If you have a specific unmet need or goal in mind we can help you discover, explore and overcome resistance to meet it.


Alternatively we can help you get lost. Step off that beaten path in order to create new unplanned experiences.

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