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Motivation through connection

You can't get high performance without motivation. We create thriving communities inside organisations so they can achieve anything. We've done it.
1. Autonomy

We're not offering prescribed, pre-planned challenges. We're not trying to guess what is important to you. You choose, you're in control the whole time.

2. Mastery

We've created a unique check-in area for each of your shoogle's. This helps keep you connected to your goals, provides a place for you to focus and reflect. In addition, we've created a way for you to buddy up. What better way to boost your motivation than to have someone there with you as you progress and develop.

3. Connection

Our research tells us that we are super motivated by connection and in many cases the ultimate goal when probed leads right back to it. We're using it as a catalyst to boost motivation so that the probability of us reaching and achieving our goals is higher than without it.

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