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Evaluate wellbeing in your business

A wellbeing evaluation is when wellbeing has been identified as an important outcome for your business. We want to help you go from a strategy, white paper, project and program into a more real-time, continuous improvement approach.

It's about looking at your business and your people through a wellbeing lens. It is about gathering evidence in wellbeing as a result of your work. 

Any wellbeing evaluation will typically address one or more of the following: 

  • Did our plan, program and activities work? 

  • What is our return on investment?

  • What impact did it have? Have the long term benefits be realised?

In your project or program, you will use any wellbeing evidence to create a theory for change. This is where shoogle can add real value. The empirical data derived from employees will be critical to the success of your program. shoogle also forms part of the overall solution.

Collect data using shoogle to form a theory for change. Run your program and use shoogle to assess the impact. 

Wellbeing measures and data


Wellbeing can be measured using both quantitative and qualitative data. We suggest conducting your research using both methods to get a broader picture before embarking on your project and program. Support your understanding of the overall impact of any changes you make.

Objective, observable and obvious

These are the things that affect someone's life, for example, employment, position, salary, physical environment, transport, diet and more. 

You'll already be collecting data on skills, experience, training, holidays, hours worked, absence. These are all observable. Whilst useful they are only part of the story and looking from the outside in.

Subjective, inside out and covert

Qualitative research can sometimes take quite a long time to plan and execute but the insights are critical to the success of any theory of change and evaluation. shoogle offers both quantitative and qualitative, however, the real opportunities lie in understanding deeply what your employee's unmet needs are and that can only be discovered using a qualitative approach, leading to quantitative insights later. 

The opportunity for your business is one email away

shoogle is offering you the opportunity to have the perfect companion for your research. shoogle has been designed so that employees can engage with their unmet needs. These form communities and allow for the organisation to have not only observable data but subjective data that will form the basis for your wellbeing project and program. Once delivered, you will begin to see the impact in shoogle in the short term. 

The future of wellbeing in your organisation is not via a project or program. It will be your business as usual. Reach out to us now to learn more about what we can do for your business.

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