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Wellbeing at your workplace

"Any workplace health promotion activity or organizational policy designed to support healthy behavior among employees and to improve health outcomes." - Global Wellness Institute

Supermarket approach

Many organisations have procured products and services that support their employees' needs. We all hope that our employees consume what is on offer.


Almost all products and services focus on the impact of a neglected need. In our experience and research, employees aren't reaching for these products and services because their employers understanding of their deep needs is shallow. This leads to a poor ROI overall.

shoogle gives employees the option to choose what to focus on, as well as space to explore with other people. It is quite simple really. You decide, you choose.  You are in control. Pair up, go solo, share videos, insights, whatever you like. The point is, with shoogle you're buying an application that you can start with and grow with. shoogle isn't the solution, it's the doorway to it.


Our needs are multi-dimensional and they're constantly adapting and changing every day. At shoogle we take this in account. We're creating an environment that reflects this back.

We understand that to raise the wellbeing of an entire organisation you have to work from the individual, team and wider organisation and consistently every day. 

A product that can accommodate this has to be empirical and align itself with the unique way we approach wellbeing. 

If you want a deep dive into our approach and what we can do for you, reach out. We'd love to hear from you.

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